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I changed my icon, so the previous note about recognising me from LJ is now redundant. You may still be able to figure out who I am from my friendslist, or I may have told you this name.

The other user name is in existence here on DW but I am not using it except as an archive of that other journal. This is the one I'll be using actively.

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beer festivals, being happy, being saved from david icke, birdsong, brussels, cats, chris hadfield, crack bread, daas, discworld, fluffs, folio society, greendale community college, hugs, knitting, lucifer, marcus didius falco, naps, not opening the waffles, omg got, pandemic, parks and rec bingeing, pepsi max, perry, phineas and ferb, port, puffin books, rum, scrumpy, stranger things, sunbeams, talisman, tbbt, the almighty johnsons, the three cs, the upside down, toffee apple cider, troy and abed in the morning, veep, weaving
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